The Imperial 103rd TIE Interceptor Squadron is unique in galactic history only by virtue of its distinction as one of only a handful of squadrons ever utterly destroyed by only one pair of New Republic X-wings.

To call the training of the 103rd Squadron’s pilots before their assignment to strike at New Republic supply vessels at Dornan Twelve “rushed” would be akin to comparing Teek, the speedy alien once native to the forest moon of Endor, to an ungainly Gamorrean warrior. The pilots of the 103rd were rushed into service in the aftermath of Imperial defeats during the months after the Battle of Endor. With the original incarnation of the squadron wiped out in a botched mission for Lumiya (former Imperial spy Shira Brie in her Dark Lady of the Sith incarnation), the 103rd was recommissioned from a selection of raw recruits and assigned to the Dornan planetary system after only a few months of active training. Rather than allowing the rookie pilots to go through all proper training, the relative calm of the region allowed the Imperial leadership to put the 103rd on active duty much earlier than normal, using their actions in the area as what amounted to live-fire training.

Unfortunately for the 103rd, their first encounter with New Republic starfighter pilots came in the form of Channus Brightstormer and Kristov Walker of Equinox Squadron, who promptly wiped the skies clean of the entire 103rd. Following the Dornan Twelve incident, the squadron was officially decommissioned, never to be reformed for active duty.