Production Info
Series Run March 2006 -
Hosts Joe Harrison

Silas Carder

Andrew Gilbertson

Produced by Lion's Mouth Entertainment

In Association with

No Line Cinemas

Content Coverage Star Wars

Star Trek

Number of Episodes 4
Library Running Time 510 Minutes
Guests Bob Crissman (Fan Response)

Robbie Chastain (Fan Response)

David Bocian (Fan Response)

A Long Time Ago Radio (ALTA Radio) is a Star Wars fan-made radio show hosted by Joe Harrison and Silas Carder with sometime guest commentator Andrew Gilbertson. The show is a production of Lion's Mouth Entertainment.

The show has no set release schedule. At the present date, three episodes have been released. While originally intended as a Star Wars program, ALTA Radio shows signs of branching into other major sci-fi genres for it's topics.

Episodes appear to follow an alternating pattern featuring a primary topic, followed by a '.5 episode' with a follow-up topic closely related to the previous episode. However, this pattern only holds for the first four planned episodes and may be coincidental, not planned.

Each show features 1-2 topics. Typically there will also be a few short vignette 'commercials' or skits between topics. Transitions between segments use a door sound effect from the sci-fi program currently being talked about in the episode. Some episodes also feature a pre-recorded commentary segment by guest host Andrew Gilbertson. Average running times are 1-2 hours, but creator Joe Harrison has stated his intent to shorten the length of future episodes.

Episodes Edit

  • Episode 1: "The Crap Show"
  • Episode 1.5: "The Old, The New, and The Ewoks"
  • Episode 2: "The Warp Speed Edition"
  • Episode 2.5: "Warp 2.5"

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