Star Wars: Addiction
Directed by Nathan P. Butler
Written by

Nathan P. Butler

Distributed by Rayzur's Edge Audio
Star Wars created by George Lucas

Brian Bisetti
Bryan Henry
Michael Haspil
Krista Kolesar
Rich Sigfrit
Edward Gore
Paul Broyles
Nathan P. Butler

Music by John Williams
Release Date(s) October 1, 2003
Running Time 16 minutes
Timeline Unknown (Post-Episode VI)
Era New Republic
Series Anthology
Preceded by The Mob
Followed by Responsibility

In all of Nathan's fan production work, he has never had a chance to create a story about smugglers or pilots. Star Wars: Addiction is his answer to the latter, which brings us the story of an X-wing pilot struggling with one of our greatest social ills, drug abuse. The story is set in the context of an official inquiry (another setting Nathan had not yet used).

This was the fourth episode of Anthology.

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