Akran Velker
Species Human (Homeworld Unknown)
Affiliation(s) Galactic Empire (Dehrahn's Domain)
Rank / Title Stormtrooper (Unit 37, Ferri'sol, Dehrahn's Domain)
Performance Kurt Luther
Creator(s) Nathan P. Butler

Akran Velker, otherwise known as TE-258, is an Imperial stormtrooper serving on Ferri'sol in the Rayzur's Edge Audio drama Second Strike.


TE-258 was the designation of Akran Velker, a member of the Pri'gorod stormtrooper regiment under Arilus Dehrahn's regime (specifically of Unit 37). Velker's unit was called in to help capture Valkan's Rayzurs during their flight from the Pri'gorod Resistance base. Assigned to prisoner transport 723, it was his duty, upon the capture of Jaren Valkan, Tathan Aldric, and Klo'pa'deen, to escort the prisoners into the cellblock of Dehrahn's personal citadel. Unfortunately for Velker, that duty was soon to be his last, as he was blasted and killed by Klo'pa'deen during the trio’s escape.

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