An'Kerra is a fictional jungle moon in the Star Wars galaxy created by Nathan P. Butler. The moon serves as the main setting for the Rayzur's Edge Audio drama Always in Motion: Ambush on An'Kerra.


The name "An'Kerra" officially refers to a gas giant planet that shines golden in the skies over its jungle moon. However, in common use, the name "An'Kerra" has come to refer to the jungle moon itself (often mistakenly referred to as a planet in common speech), much as the term "Endor" has often been used to refer to the forest moon of Endor, rather than the Endor planet.

Unpopulated and off of normal shipping lanes, An’Kerra has little importance in the grand scheme of things in the galaxy. In fact, its only claim to fame comes from that very insignificance, as it was here that the Confederacy of Independent Systems attempted to set up a supply station during the Clone Wars, hoping to use the fact that the moon was often unnoticed to their advantage. That plan, though, came to an end with the arrival of Jedi Knight Krastor Veda and his Padawan, Zallaron Kell. While Veda was stuck down by the lead Separatist on the mission, Dark Jedi Danad Balas, Kell managed to defeat Balas, removing the Separatist presence from the moon and returning to alert the Republic vessel Vapor Trail.

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