Andrew Gilbertson
Birthdate July 1, 1985
Production Occupation Producer / Host / Actor
Since 2006
Production Company No Line Radio

Andrew Gilbertson is an actor and producer affiliated with Star Wars Fanworks. Gilbertson is a part-time co-host of ALTA Radio, as well as having vocal roles in Knights of the Old Republic: Crossroads, Charybdis, Omega Squad: Targets, Knights of the Old Republic: Outcasts, High Stakes, Stand, and the non-Star Wars fantasy drama, The Age of the Swords.

Gilbertson is currently producing the project Star Wars: Marvels, which is still in the process of being released.

He is married to fellow Fanworks thespian Silas Carder, and the two are known as 'Fanworks First Couple,' due to their having met (via Joe Harrison) through the Star Wars Fanworks community.

Appearances Edit