Ash Flight
Affiliation(s) Galactic Empire

Galactic Empire (Dehrahn’s Domain)

Known Members Hahlib B'siti

Evedrin Darga

First Appearance Second Strike
Other Appearances None

Ash Flight is a flight of TIE Interceptor starfighters based on the planet Ferri'sol in the audio drama Second Strike.


Ash Flight, named for its reputation for flawless reduction of target areas to mere ashes in the flight’s early days, was one of the few remaining starfighter groups on Ferri’sol at the time of Arilus Dehrahn’s declaration that made him warlord of the system.

At the time of the Battle of Endor, the Ferrisian Imperials were being resupplied with new hardware, including several new squadrons of TIE Interceptor starfighters to replace outdated standard TIE/ln models. The logic, it seems, was that by stationing the faster interceptor TIEs on Ferri’sol, the Empire would negate the need to refit the TIE/ln squadrons stationed aboard Dehrahn’s Star Destroyers.

While the resupply went smoothly, and the pilots that received new starfighters were enthralled with their new “toys,” only three quarters of the TIE/ln models on Ferri’sol were replaced with interceptors before Dehrahn broke away from the Empire. That left several squadrons and flight groups, including Ash Flight, with the older TIEs, much to their discontent.

In Ash Flight’s case, this just served to aggravate old wounds. Ash Flight had been transferred to Ferri’sol against the wishes of its original flight leader, Evedrin Darga, just after the subjugation of Jentral. In fact, the unwanted transfer, which came during a period when the squadron had been promised a more prestigious assignment, was part of what prompted Darga to abandon his post, going AWOL and eventually joining the Rebel Alliance. The Imperials, he said, had no respect for true piloting talent.

It was under the leadership of its new Flight Leader, Hahlib B'siti, that Ash Flight engaged New Republic forces during the Fourth Battle of Ferri’sol and provided cover for the gunship that destroyed the Pri'gorod Resistance base during the New Republic mission that eventually liberated the planet. Ash Flight was among the TIE pilots that escaped from the system upon execution of Retreat Code Omega.

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