Region Outer Rim Territories
System/Sector Sullust System
Suns Sullust (Star)
Rotation Period 20 standard hours
Orbital Period 263 days
Primary Terrain Rocky deserts



Surface Water 7%
Points of Interest D'Altha City

Yestori Plains

Timberka Desert

Native Species Sullustans
Official Languages Sullustan

Galactic Basic Standard

Population 50 million
Major Cities D'Altha City
Affiliation Neutral

Bo'niiba was the third moon of the planet Sullust, in the Outer Rim territories. It was a rough place, and not just because of its wasteland-surface. Bo'niiba was home to the "scum of the Sullust System." Specifically the Yestori Thunderbike Gang, a gang of rogue Sullustans led by Xagon Devriiz.

The moon no longer exists, however, for unknown reasons.

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