Bon Wobin
Species Human (Homeworld Unknown)
Affiliation(s) Galactic Empire (Dehrahn's Domain)
Rank / Title Sergeant (Unit 37, Ferri'sol, Dehrahn's Domain)
Performance Ian Bowie
Creator(s) Nathan P. Butler

Bon Wobin, otherwise known as the Trooper Sergeant, is an Imperial stormtrooper serving on Ferri'sol in the Rayzur's Edge Audio drama Second Strike.


Bon Wobin was one of the three stormtrooper sergeants assigned to the Elite Ferrisian Guard's Unit 37, the team assigned to patrol the area surrounding the FlashDeath facility. Bon’s specialty was heavy artillery, which gave him the skills to be behind the controls of the unit’s E-web cannon when cornering Valkan's Rayzurs in the abandoned building.

Unfortunately, the bigger the blast, the bigger the payback, or so it is with Jiraxikans, it seems. Bon had no sooner shot escaping Rayzur Klo'pa'deen with his cannon than the alien stood, growled, and sent Bon’s own E-web’s energy back into the cannon’s power cell, causing an explosion that sent him flying through the air, gravely injured by the explosion. He died of his injuries before the fleeing Rayzurs had even reached the city’s center.

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  • Wobin was voiced by Ian Bowie, who also portrayed Rayzur Lolat Gastun.
  • Wobin's character is never mentioned by name, and was credited as "Trooper Sergeant" in the Second Strike audio drama's credits. The name "Bon Wobin" first appeared in the Rayzur's Edge Audio Guidebook.
  • The name "Bon Wobin" was a reworking of the actor's name, "Ian Bowie."

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