Calakis is a warm, lovely world in Chiss space. Located in a region often referred to as the dominion of the Hand of Thrawn (or Mitth’raw’nuruodo AKA Thrawn himself), Calakis is a generally peaceful world, owing much of its docile history to its beautiful beaches and other tropical vacation spots, which make the world more a location for tourism than conflict.

In orbit of the planet is the so-called “Cursed Moon of Calakis,” which features a breathable (if thin) atmosphere and a plasma-like core. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, a Vong operation under Commander Dicahn attempted to harvest the core materials for a new weapon of mass destruction, but the operation was cut short, thanks to the intervention of Jedi Knights Korso Vale and Dahrias Kova. As a result, the moon’s unstable core was destroyed, leaving it to slowly implode and condense.