Captain Deitz is a character in Colonel Ledok and the Mission to Qalabar. He is an Imperial officer and commander of the Imperial Star Destroyer Dreadnought.

From 3 BBY to 0 BBY, Dietz was commanded by Emperor Palpatine to scour the Outer Rim territories for a Rebel colonel named Ledok, who had been conducting a campaign in the region to bring star systems to the Rebel Alliance. The Imperial captain, however, had difficulty catching the Rebel. Three years after the emperor had first commanded him to search for Ledok, Captain Dietz decided to put a bounty of 1,000,000 credits on the colonel's head. Bounty hunters almost immediately began a search. But after four months of no luck, Dietz decided to acquire the aid of Boba Fett.

In the end, however, Ledok ended up coming to Captain Dietz when he attempted to steal an Imperial shuttle. Unbeknownst to the Rebel, Dietz and a number of stormtroopers were waiting aboard the shuttle for him.

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  • The character's name is a tribute to author William C. Dietz, who wrote the bestselling Star Wars: Dark Forces Trilogy based on the computer games: Star Wars: Dark Forces and Jedi Knight.
  • There is an edge of scratchiness to the captain's voice if you listen close enough. This is because Joe Harrison performed his part after first performing the parts of trandoshans Ssevik Nogg and Roth'h'aar, both of whom required a very scratchy-growly voice. Doing this voice for 30 minutes took its toll on Harrison, causing any subsequent lines for subsequent characters to sound a little strained or scratchy.