Cinder Squadron was the primary TIE interceptor squadron based on Ferri’sol. At the time of the Battle of Endor, Cinder Squadron was the first to be provided with TIE interceptors to replace their earlier TIE/ln models. This made them the envy of their peers among Dehrahn’s forces in the system, even moreso when the moff broke away from the Imperial proper and the resupplying of Ferrisian forces abruptly ended.

Cinder Squadron bore the best of the best in terms of Dehrahn’s TIE pilots. Charged with the defense of Ferri’sol’s surrounding space (along with the Titan, stationed one jump away), it was this squadron that helped to decimate New Republic forces during the Fourth Battle of Ferri’sol and to destroy the Alois Fury during Jivs Korus and Lanas Zlauter’s escape from the planet.

Unfortunately for the squadron, which was at half-strength due to the an illness sweeping through its pilots just before the Rayzur’s mission to Ferri’sol, the interceptor squadron didn’t stand a chance against the piloting skills of Jivs Korus. Every pilot sent to stop the Alois Fury died in the firefight before the Titan could arrive and destroy the fleeing New Republic craft.

Those pilots that remained off-duty from the illness would be among those left behind by the Imperials during the execution of Retreat Code Omega. Cinder Squadron was effectively finished, though a few of its pilots would see their abandonment as a betrayal and defect to become New Republic starfighter pilots.