Star Wars: Codename: Starkeeper
Series Run September 6, 2008 to October 25, 2008
Directed by Jim Perry
Written by Jim Perry
Produced by

Jim Perry
Joe Harrison

Distributed by Visionary Creative Works
Star Wars created by George Lucas

Jim Perry
Steve Saylor
Silas Carder
Chris Dickey
Andrew Gilbertson
Hazen Nester
Christopher Walker
Philippa Ballantine
Devin Cox
Joe Harrison
Michael Spence

Music by John Williams
Episodes 8
Release Date(s) September 6, 2008 (I) September 13, 2008 (II) September 20, 2008 (III) September 27, 2008 (IV) October 4, 2008 (V) October 11, 2008 (VI) October 18, 2008 (VII) October 25, 2008 (VIII)
Running Time TBD
Timeline 4 ABY
Era Rebellion
Preceded by None
Followed by None

Star Wars: Codename: Starkeeper is a fully cast audio drama produced by Visionary Creative Works in association with WarBird Digital. Codename: Starkeeper is the first audio drama written and directed by Jim Perry.

Summary Edit

Codename: Starkeeper is set immediately following the Battle of Endor.

A courier of sensitive intelligence, a man known in circles high and low only by his codename, finds his contact for a mission missing. He unwittingly winds up embroiled in a CorSec investigation of three assassinated members of the Corellian Council.

Cast Edit

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