Cortani iii
Cortani III
Region Core Worlds
System/Sector Cortanis System
Suns Solori
Moons Tamus


Rotation Period 42 standard hours (increases every century)
Orbital Period Unknown
Primary Terrain Forests


Surface Water 48%
Points of Interest Vektar Shipyards

Stonecap Mountains

Native Species Humans
Official Language Galactic Basic Standard
Population 1.2 billion
Major Cities Citadel Kambou
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The third moon of the Cortanis System, Cortani III is populated mainly by Imperial personnel. It is home to Vektar Shipyards, one of the Empire's greatest starship resources under Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems. Cortani III and its shipyards, as well as the other two moons of the system, are under the rule of one of Emperor Palpatine's Grand Moffs.

Orbit Malfunction Edit

Cortani III is much different today than it was several centuries ago. Up until 1,900 BBY, Cortani III and its two moons had a normal, steady orbit around the sun. The planet had 24 standard hour days and 365 day solar orbits. But for unknown reasons, around 1,900 BBY, the twin red moons, Tamus and Torus, started to be slowly pulled toward Cortani III. And they pulled closer every century thereafter. The closer they were pulled the more the orbit started to change. Rotations slowed down considerably, and the two moons stopped orbiting the planet altogether. Their close proximity also slowed down the rotations of Cortani III itself. Currently, Tamus and Torus do not orbit, nor do they rotate, and the planet has gone from 24 hour days to 42 hour days; 21 hours of daylight, 21 hours of night.

Imperial scientists suspect that in another two hundred years, the two moons will collide with the planet's surface, ending in the complete and utter destruction of Tamus, Torus, and Cortani III itself.

Behind the Scenes Edit