The Cortanis System is located in the Core Worlds region, a short hyperspace jump away from Abregado-Rae. During the Galactic Civil War it was a prominent Imperial system, housing a resourceful shipyard base on its third moon. The Cortanis System has only three moons, all of which are under the rule of one of Emperor Palpatine's Grand Moffs.

Cortanis map

The Cortanis System on the Galactic Star Chart.

Overview Edit


  • Humans (Native)


  • Galactic Basic Standard


  • Cortani I Uninhabitable due to unbreathable atmosphere. Orbited by one moon; Saruus.
  • Cortani II The most populated planet of the system. Orbited by three moons; Sundol, Ersa, Minas.
  • Cortani III Home to Vektar Shipyards, an Imperial starship-construction facility. Orbited by two moons; Tamus and Torus.

Behind the Scenes Edit

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