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Host: James Everett
Episodes: 56 (List of Episodes)
Guests: Nathan P. Butler

Dustin Roberts

Tony Gonzalez

Mark Newbold

Chris Spears

Summary Edit

Coruscant-Cast is a "friendly Star Wars fan podcast that aims to cover the best topics about the best sci-fi film series ever made: Star Wars. The podcast looks at the fans as well as the saga itself and also aims to inform listeners about any important Star Wars news that might have been missed." It has been running since December 2005.

Spin-Off Projects Edit

In June 2007 he announced iCoruscant-Cast, an interactive version of Coruscant-Cast, but this was quickly shelved due to budget constraints.

News Anchor Edit

At one time there was a news anchor, Rebecca Geval, but she soon left the show for unknown reasons. A new news anchor is still being sought.

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