Production Info
Series Run January 2004 - ????
Directed by Eric L. Busby
Distributed by Darker Projects
Based in a Galaxy and Universe Created by George Lucas & Gene Roddenberry
Episodes Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3 (Section 31 Files)

Release Date(s) January ??, 2004



Running Time 47 Minutes
Starring Mark Kalita

Judah Friese

Ben Harmer

Eric L. Busby

Tom Davis

Nathan P. Butler

Aurora McPherson

Darrel Looney

Ron Smith

Kara Dennison

Karl Puder

Morgan Jeffrey

Elie Hirschman

Nick Cook

Shire Smith

Mark Bruzee

Victoria Sampson

David Roche

Star Wars: Crossroads is a series from Darker Projects, in which the Star Wars and Star Trek universes collide (like Julius Harper's TrekWars: The Furry Conflict). The series ran for two episodes and concluded in a third episode, which was actually the ninth episode of Darker Projects' previously running Star Trek: The Section 31 Files series.

Summary Edit

Since May 2003, Quantum Realities Productions has released a series of original Star Trek audio dramas under the series title Star Trek: Defiant. Now, the team (under a new name, Darker Projects) crosses universes to carry the characters and situations they created for Defiant's Dark Horizon storyline into the Star Wars universe. Now, the heroes of Defiant must find a way back to their own time and universe among the many parallel realities of the multiverse. Will they succeed, or will they be lost in the Star Wars universe forever? Find out in Star Wars: Crossroads, the team's first Star Wars / Star Trek: Defiant crossover tale, then follow their journey as the series crosses over with Darker Projects' Star Trek: The Section 31 Files series. --from

Cast Edit

  • Mark Kalita as Takila Mak
  • Judah Friese as Lieutenant Judah
  • Ben Harmer as The Dark Lord, Moff Marja, Additional Voices
  • Eric L. Busby as Captain Masada, Stormtrooper, Bishop
  • Tom Davis as EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram)
  • Nathan P. Butler as Captain Lucge
  • Aurora McPherson as Commander Winters
  • Darrel Looney as Lieutenant Kurts
  • Ron Smith as Admiral Tyren
  • Kara Dennison as Dalonna
  • Karl Puder as Korg
  • Morgan Jeffrey as T'vol
  • Elie Hirschman as Tom
  • Nick Cook as Cain
  • Shire Smith as Additional Voices
  • Mark Bruzee as Additional Voices
  • Victoria Sampson as Additional Voices
  • David Roche as Additional Voices

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