Formed by Tavis Malif as a special team of New Republic Intelligence agents, whose specialty would be infiltrating enemy territory and making their way out again with information, prisoners, and other prizes, the Delta-Lambda Exfiltration Group (D-LEG) consisted of four members: CO Tavis Malif; XO Rosbyn Chaman; Kristara Eri’lur; and Deeni Lopeen. The group was in operation for less than four months before a botched mission to Ferri’sol to extract Dr. Lom Darus from the FlashDeath research facility ended in the deaths of Malif, Chaman, and Lopeen, along with the capture of Eri’lur.

Eri’lur was later rescued by Jaren Valkan, Klo’pa’deen, and fellow Intelligence agent Tathan Aldric, but D-LEG was never reconstituted after the Ferri’sol mission’s tragic end.