Star Wars: Doubts Cast
Directed by Nathan P. Butler
Written by

Nathan P. Butler

Based on a concept by

Nathan P. Butler
Pete Dixon

Distributed by Rayzur's Edge Audio
Star Wars created by George Lucas

Richard Brookes
Adam Bertocci
Brian Bisetti
Michael Smith
Nathan P. Butler

Music by John Williams
Release Date(s) July 1, 2003
Running Time 23 minutes
Timeline 19-1 BBY
Era Rise of the Empire
Series Anthology
Preceded by None
Followed by Dreamscape

Star Wars: Doubts Cast is an audio drama presentation of an original fan film script that Nathan P. Butler wrote back in 2001 for Pete Dixon as part of an intended series entitled Force Tales. When that project never came to pass, Nathan took the opportunity to turn the script into an episode for the Anthology series.

This story explores the concept of how to best "preserve the peace," from the perspective of one character, Malchik Raine, looking back on the day he learned that particular lesson.

This was the premiere episode of Anthology.

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