Bon Wobin
Species Human (Ferri'sol)
Affiliation(s) Ferrisian Resistance
Rank / Title Executive Officer, Pri'gorod Cell
Performance Emily Savage
Creator(s) Nathan P. Butler

Elimy Vasage, otherwise known as Resistance Fighter 1, is a member of the Pri'gorod Resistance on the planet Ferri'sol in the Rayzur's Edge Audio drama Second Strike.


Elimy Vasage met Nadix Rovas shortly after the installation of Arilus Dehrahn as Ferri'sol's moff. The two met at one of the few remaining publicly-funded libraries in Pri'gorod, where both were doing research for their university schooling. The two young women, both of whom felt a bit like outsiders in Pri'gorod after having moved away and come back to Ferri'sol a while later (Nadix with her parents’ begrudging consent, and Elimy against her family’s wishes), quickly saw kinship in their similar circumstances. The two began to share study sessions for classes in Imperial Mid-Rim Politics, eventually becoming close friends. When Nadix found herself slowly pulled toward the Ferrisian Resistance in the year after Dehrahn’s arrival, Elimy supported her and followed her into the cause.

Over the next few years, right up until the Battle of Endor, Elimy rose into the higher level of Resistance operatives, while Nadix became second-in-command of the Pri'gorod Resistance. When Dehrahn declared himself warlord and instituted a quiet sweep of known Resistance leaders, Nadix's superior was killed, leaving Nadix in charge, with Elimy as her top field agent. Teamed with fellow field agent Jo-Vell, Elimy often carried out the most secretive of Nadix's missions, making her a nexus for important information. It was Elimy whom Lom Darus first contacted in his bid for defection.

One month after assisting Darus in contacting New Republic Intelligence through the Resistance, Elimy was teamed with Jo-Vell, as normal, on a mission to help a New Republic Special Operations team, Valkan's Rayzurs, insert onto Ferri'sol in the wake of a botched New Republic Intel mission. Along for the experience was a new, young agent, Madan Shurr.

Elimy never returned to the Pri'gorod Resistance base. After helping cover the insertion of the Rayzurs' drop box and the Alois Fury, Elimy and Madan discovered Jo-Vell dead, killed by Dehrahn's elite stormtroopers. Both Elimy and Madan were captured and brought before Dehrahn. Elimy died at Dehrahn's own hands, refusing to give up the location of the Resistance base. She couldn’t bear to put her old friend Nadix, and their cause, in danger.

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  • Vasage was voiced by Emily Savage. Vasage's character name is an obvious nod to Savage.
  • The character, however, is never mentioned by name, and was credited as "Resistance Fighter 1" in the Second Strike audio drama's credits. The name "Elimy Vasage" first appeared in the Rayzur's Edge Audio Guidebook.

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