Arilus Dehrahn demanded the best in his forces, even when mediocre was what counted as the best for some of the beleaguered troops left in the system after his declaration of independence from the remainder of the Empire.

His stormtroopers, though, were one area where his reputation for demanding the best was well-deserved. Through various intensive training programs, Dehrahn and his top-ranking troopers crafted Ferri’sol’s stormtroopers, particularly those in the capital city of Pri’gorod, into a group of above-average soldiers, which were then dubbed the “Elite Ferrisian Guard.”

Keeping the best of his troops close to his citadel in Pri’gorod, Dehrahn outfitted all squad captains across the planet with bowcasters, allowing them to use the pain of a physical projectile (and the fear of that pain) as a microcosmic Tarkin Doctrine, deterring many criminals from acting on their impulses. (After all, a blaster wound would be cauterized quickly, but a projectile was something altogether different.) That this also played very well into Dehrahn’s own sadistic nature was just an added bonus.

The Elite Ferrisian Guard served Dehrahn loyally through the initiation of Retreat Code Omega. Upon confirmation of Dehrahn’s death, the troopers were reintegrated into the ranks of the Imperial proper, under Ysanne “Iceheart” Isard.