Equinox Squadron was an X-wing squadron based on Malastare, under the command of Channus Brightstormer. After a few pulled strings and called markers, the squadron’s executive officer position was filled by Channus’ own brother, Tal Brightstormer.

This situation was tenable for Starfighter Command during a time of relative calm, just after the Battle of Bakura, but when the Tof War called Equinox Squadron into battle, the possible conflict of interest inherent in having two brothers in the same squadron, in fact leading the squadron together, convinced Starfighter Command to require either a transfer of one brother from the squadron or the division of the squadron into two large flights, just as Red Squadron had eventually become Rogue Squadron, with Rogue and Renegade Flights, years earlier. The latter option was chosen, breaking Equinox Squadron into Infinity Flight, led by Channus, and Null Flight, led by Tal.

After the Tof conflict, Tal transferred to another assignment, allowing the squadron to be reintegrated into one fighting unit. Equinox Squadron was then assigned as part of the liberation force sent to Dornan Twelve and later to a supply group for the world and its neighboring systems, until the deaths of Channus and his new executive officer, Kristov Walker, led to the disbanding of the squadron and the reassignment of its pilots to squadrons elsewhere.