Eric Olp

Birthdate June 21, 1988
Location Wisconsin, USA
Production Occupation Producer / Actor / Host
Since 2005
Production Company Dathari Multimedia

Eric Olp is a fan audio producer whose introduction to Star Wars Fanworks was through Lion's Mouth Entertainment's Conquest of the Empire series. This opened the door for Olp, who soon returned with his own radio show, Centerpoint Arcade. Olp continued to make appearances in other radio shows, such as Star Wars: In the Beginning, Tatooine TV, and ChronoRadio.

He returned to audio dramas in 2006, making his reappearance in Ear Candy's Runaway. Then in 2007 he returned once more, playing various characters in Lion's Mouth Entertainment's High Stakes.

In 2006-07, Olp produced his first audio drama; Myst: The Book of Atrus. Recently he has produced his first Star Wars fan audio drama: Stand.

Appearances Edit

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