Fan Audio Made Easy
Broadcast Run: August 2005 - January 2007
Producer: Nathan P. Butler
Host: Nathan P. Butler
No. of Episodes: 36 (List of Episodes)
Guest Contributors: Steve Fluharty

Joe Harrison

Ben Loewen

Matt Loewen

Sebastien Mineau

Dany Pepin

Jeff Roney

Michael Sheridan

Rich Sigfrit

Michael Smith

Bryan Patrick Stoyle

Christopher Walker

Fan Audio Made Easy (FAME) is a fan internet radio show that offered fan audio members and podcasters tips and tricks to better their own products, or offer listeners an insight into the creation of fan audio productions. The show was produced by Rayzur's Edge Audio from 2005 to 2007.


The format of Fan Audio Made Easy was relatively constant. Episodes would open with a brief promo for The Sci-Fi Podcast Network (of which FAME was once a part), a musical intro, a brief description of the topic to be covered (provided by the host), the lesson itself, and a brief audio resume of the lesson contributor's fan audio experience to act as credentials for the contributor.


Two sources provided direct inspiration for the creation of Fan Audio Made Easy. The first was the frequent suggestion of Rich Sigfrit that the fan audio community needed a tutorial series to help newcomers get started. The second inspiration came from Star Wars author Michael Stackpole, who, while setting up The Sci-Fi Podcast Network (TSFPN), contacted Nathan P. Butler about creating and submitting a series for linking on TSFPN, which eventually led to discussions about the creation of a series of tutorials based on Butler's previous fan audio experience.


Unlike fellow Rayzur's Edge Audio podcasts, FAME was originally intended to have a limited number of episodes, then end at a predetermined time. After toying with the idea of having the series run for one year (24 episodes) or two years (48 episodes), series producer and host Nathan P. Butler decided on an eighteen month series of 36 episodes. Thus, the series ended at its predetermined time, rather than being "canceled," per se.

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