TR-525 was the designation for Gah Lahso, a member of the Pri’gorod stormtrooper regiment under Arilus Dehrahn’s regime. The overconfident, dull-witted Gah was the squad leader for the elite troopers sent to track down Kol Zurka and the Hammers. The team caught up to the Hammers one month after their defection, intending to bring the mercenaries back to Dehrahn’s citadel. Unfortunately for Gah, he had underestimated the stupidity inherent in “drunken retards.” As soon as Zurka gave the order for the Hammers to resist, Gah took a slugthrower shotgun blast to his upper torso, just high enough to pierce through this armor’s vulnerable neck. His death, at least, was somewhat unique. How many of Dehrahn’s elite could claim to have been killed by an archaic slugthrower?

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