Gil Mikasa, designated Security Guard SC- 5, was the plain-clothes Imperial stormtrooper assigned to act as guardian of the vacant FlashDeath facility in Pri’gorod. (The “SC” in Gil’s designation stood for “Sigma-Class,” which is just a fancy designation for “undercover” or “plainclothes” in Dehrahn’s bureaucracy). For weeks, Gil (and a few other stormtroopers with whom he traded shifts) was charged with patrolling the perimeter of the warehouse, keeping an eye out for love for her husband, Zirik Pahl. She would have followed him to the edge of the galaxy if he had asked. She needn’t have gone nearly that far.

The Pahls and three other Dark Jedi eventually journeyed to the world of Vorash, where they, the Dark Jedi that were always accused of being the galaxy’s tormentors, became the liberators of the planet’s natives from an oppressive Noble Council. Yoranda herself dealt the death blow to the Council’s Jedi advisor, running him through with her lightsaber after weakening him with Force lightning.

This victory over the advisor by itself was quite a feat, given that Yoranda was in a somewhat compromised physical state herself, pregnant with Zirik’s child. She gave birth to a son, Harran, soon after.

A happy home life was not fated to be, though. They had saved the world, but to the eyes of the Jedi Council, they had taken over the world in a bloody coup, and justice had to be served. Several months after their arrival, the Jedi finally retaliated for the coup on Vorash and the death of their Jedi brother. A team of Jedi descended upon Vorash’s Dark Jedi rulers. Yoranda was the first to die, killed by a Wookiee Jedi.

Only Zirik escaped death. It had been his duty to ensure their son’s safety. Yoranda was dead, but, had the truth been told, she would gladly have traded her life for that of her husband and son if given the choice. Their survival was all that mattered.