Hahlib B’siti became the commanding officer of Ash Flight on Ferri'sol after the TIE flight’s original commanding officer, Evedrin Darga, defected to the Rebellion, shortly after the subjugation of Jentral. Hahlib’s greatest asset was his ability to build consensus and cooperation among pilots of varied backgrounds, allowing him to bring Ash Flight back into line after being greatly shaken up, in terms of both roster and morale, by Darga’s defection.

Just over five years later, it was Hahlib’s trigger finger that fired the blasts that made the first strike against the Pri'gorod Resistance base, leading to the base’s destruction. Had the Ferrisian Imperials not been forced to retreat from the planet by the next morning, Hahlib could’ve been a Ferrisian hero. Instead, he is remembered as simply another retreating Imperial TIE pilot.