Harran Pahl
Species Human (Vorash)
Affiliation(s) Vorash Planetary Government
Rank / Title None (as of Dreamscape)
Performance David Ganssle
Creator(s) Nathan P. Butler and Pete Dixon

Harran Pahl is the son of Zirik Pahl (AKA "Quintas") in the Rayzur's Edge Audio fan audio drama Dreamscape, the second episode in the Star Wars: Anthology series.


Harran Pahl is the young son of Zirik and Yoranda Pahl, two Dark Jedi who fled from the Republic, fifteen years before the Battle of Naboo. Shortly after his birth, just after the arrival of the Pahls and their three Dark Jedi brothers on the planet Vorash, all of the Dark Jedi, except Harran’s father, were killed by a group of Jedi Knights. Harran was raised by his father, the new ruler of Vorash, for the remainder of his childhood, safe from the outside world.

Harran later grew up to take his father’s place as the ruler of Vorash after Zirik’s death. He would be ignorant of his father’s dark past in the years before his birth, and of the true importance of his father’s encounter with Jedi Knight Kai Ta’ralyn, until the arrival of representatives from New Republic Intelligence and Special Operations, shortly after Zirik’s death.

Upon confirmation of Zirik’s death, the New Republic team, led by Jaren Valkan and Kristara Eri'lur, left him to continue ruling in peace until his death, just before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

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  • Harran Pahl was created by Nathan P. Butler, utilizing a concept created in discussions with Pete Dixon.
  • Harran is played by David Ganssle, who also played George Lucas in Coruscant?
  • The artwork depicting Harran Pahl is part of a larger piece of Harran being held by Zirik, which was drawn by Tom Hodges before Hodges became an official Star Wars artist. Hodges provided some original artwork for the Rayzur's Edge Audio Guidebook, while also allowing the use of some of his other artwork to supplement the guidebook.

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