Harriman Braunt
Species Human (Thyferra)
Affiliation(s) Republic

Galactic Empire

Rebel Alliance

Alliance of Free Planets

New Republic

Galactic Alliance

Rank / Title Colonel (New Republic Intelligence)
Performance Kevin Kittle
Creator(s) Nathan P. Butler

Harriman Braunt is the New Republic Intelligence officer that introduces Tathan Aldric to Jaren Valkan in the Rayzur's Edge Audio fan audio drama Second Strike.


Colonel Harriman Braunt is a native of Thyferra. While the majority of his family has been content to remain in service to one or another Bacta cartel, Braunt chose to enter Republic (then Imperial, Alliance, New Republic, and Galactic Alliance) Intelligence as a means of serving the galaxy.

It isn’t that Braunt does not seek a high station in life. The truth is that he has always seen information as the most useful form of power, and Intel work put him in a position to amass large quantities of that valuable "currency." He has been a loyal subordinate of General Airen Cracken for years now, but even Cracken wonders just what Braunt intends to do with the tools and knowledge of his chosen trade when he finally decides to retire from military service.

Braunt was the New Republic Intelligence agent sent by Cracken to brief Jaren Valkan on the mission to Ferri'sol and to introduce Valkan to Intel’s expert on Ferri'sol, Major Tathan Aldric.

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