TE-520 was the designation of stormtrooper Kryss Hye’ron, one of the many stormtroopers stationed on Ferri’sol. Kryss’ primary assignment was patrolling near the Pri’gorod shoreline. It was in this capacity that he stumbled across three members of the Ferrisian Resistance, who had just helped Valkan’s Rayzurs insert onto Ferri’sol. Believing that they were taking shots with an E-web at a civilian freighter, Kryss killed the first offender, Jo-Vell, near the trio’s airspeeder, then slinked behind the remaining two members, Elimy Vasage and Madan Shurr, capturing them for Dehrahn.

He was among the Imperial troops who retreated from Ferri’sol at Dehrahn’s initiation of Retreat Code Omega.