The following is a list of episodes from the Star Wars fan audio podcast EUCast. To download an episode, simply follow the link provided. The dates that follow the episode names are the release dates of the each episode respectively.

Regular EpisodesEdit

I: Inferno MIA-10/17/07

II: The Woes of Fury- 10/23/07

III: Halloween Edition- 10/31/07

IV: Bordering the Death Star- 11/15/07

V: Holiday Special EU- 11/20/07

VI: Now in Orbit- 12/6/07

VII: Jedi, Sith, and Burger King- 12/14/07

VIII: Mounting Up- 12/19/07

IX: Live with Chris Trevas- 1/9/08

X: EU Fans- 1/17/08

XI: Forced Back- 1/25/08

XII: In the words of Obi-Wan, “Rock On.“- 2/1/08

Episode XIII: Live with Drew Karpyshyn-2/8/08

XIV: Where’s Lando?- 3/12/08

XV: Indy 4 Ever- 3/17/08

XVI: Kotor: The Novel- 3/24/08

XVII: No Habla Espanol- 3/31/08

XVIII: Huttese 101- 4/13/08

XIX: The Force Unleashed!- 4/14/08

XX: Speaking Of Jedi..- 4/23/08

XXI: Silence The Wookiees-5/1/08

XXII: I AM Iron Man- 5/12/08

XXIII: A Stinky Hutt in India-5/19/08

XXIV: A Picture says a thousand words- 5/26/08

XXV: EUCast Gets a T.A.N-6/10/08

XXVI: Space Squid-6/12/08

XVII: The Lost Episode- 6/24/08

MiniCast EpisodesEdit

MiniCast I: In the Cantina with Nathan P. Butler- 11/28/08

MiniCast II: In the Cantina with John Jackson Miller- 3/26/08

MiniCast III: In the Cantina with Nathan P. Butler....Again!


Holiday Edition- 12/29/08

EUCast: The Clone Wars Special- 2/15/08