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"People seem to think this war ended when Palpatine died. They think that this war is all about some mystical Force. Jedi and Sith fighting epic duels with old fashioned laserswords. They think it’s all about some kid named Skywalker. Well, it’s not. It’s about dirt, grime, blood. This is a real war here, not some damn space opera."

Jaren Valkan, Second Strike

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Tosche Station eXM is the second radio show from Conquest of the Empire (et al) audio drama creator Joe Harrison of Lion's Mouth Entertainment. The show features more than just Star Wars topics, including audio drama reviews of various projects. The show is more "rough" in style and format than A Long Time Ago Radio, Harrison's original show, and features Harrison as sole host this time around.

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Star Wars: Runaway is the brainchild of Star Wars FM's Matt Loewen and was originally written as part of the award-winning Star Wars: Anthology series. Originally Loewen was to have full control over the project, but real life incidences prevented him from doing so. The project was temporarily abandoned until THnX George Audio Productions' Steve Fluharty decided to take control. Upon taking on the project, Fluharty re-wrote several parts of the story, and also decided to make it an individual production, rather than under the Anthology series.

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BPS Headshot No Text Email Bryan Patrick Stoyle

Bryan Patrick Stoyle is a voice actor in the Star Wars fan audio community. He is known for portraying Zallaron Kell in Always in Motion: Ambush on An'Kerra as well as playing multiple characters in Conquest of the Empire. Bryan also served as a co-host to Robbie Chastain on his internet radio show Star Wars and Beyond in 2006.

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