Mand Kerin is a starpilot in Colonel Ledok and the Mission to Qalabar who later turns out to be a bounty hunter attempting to get the bounty on Colonel Ledok's head.

Kerin was chartered by Ledok in 3 BBY and was promised the payment of 900,000 credits to aid the colonel in his peace mission to a last couple of worlds. Kerin, who was secretly a bounty hunter, decided to wait until Ledok's last mission to bring the colonel in after the two formed somewhat of a friendship. But mostly his reasons were waiting were because Ledok had promised to pay him when they reached the final stop at the planet Qalabar.

Ledok, searching for charters, accidentally found Kerin at the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine. Kerin, who was at the cantina on the lookout for the colonel, was distracted when an old nemesis named Kemp Mantet cornered him. Ledok, who was sitting nearby, saw trouble coming. Mantet was about to fire when Ledok tripped a cantina patron who fell into the other, knocking Mantet to the floor. Ledok grabbed Kerin and the two raced outside. On their way to the docking bay, Ledok proposed the charter to Kerin, who accepted. And together they boarded Kerin's Modified Corellian XT3-200 Star Freighter, the Rimmer, and blasted away from the planet.

Kerin is a rival to Boba Fett, and the two, on more than one occasion, have had to race to their bounties before the other.

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  • "Mand Kerin" was resurrected from Joe Harrison's past. The character and name of Kerin were initially from a number of short Star Wars stories that Harrison wrote when he was younger. Harrison also roleplayed the character in the Bounty Hunter's Guild Roleplaying Forum at
  • The name of Kerin's nemesis, "Kemp Mantet", was a tip-of-the-hat to Harrison's days of roleplaying in the afore mentioned Bounty Hunter's Guild Roleplaying Forum. "Kemp Mantet" was the name/character used by member 3rdgenerationfett.