No Line Cinemas is the production 'studios' operated by Andrew Gilbertson and producting the upcoming Star Wars: Marvels series. Primarily, the studio serves as an umbrella release home for a series of short fan film and short film projects, including the feature-length, originally-scored production 'Heroes.' is also the web host for many of Joe Harrison's Lion's Mouth Entertainment projects from the post-Conquest of the Empire period.

Origin & History Edit

No Line Cinemas started out as a parody title in front of a short stop-motion Lord of the Rings parody college project in late 2000, and grew to become the standard 'production' house for all films produced by Andrew Gilbertson. It has currently overseen the production of over 30 short films. Star Wars: Marvels is it's first audio venture. (And if things keep proceeding at their current rate, it's last.)

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