Star Wars: No Way Out
Directed by Sean Koury
Produced by Steve Fluharty
Written by

Sean Koury

Distributed by Ear Candy
Star Wars created by George Lucas

Sean Koury
Nathan P. Butler
Adam Bertocci
Michael Smith
Andrew Fafard
Wyntar Fontaine
Aleese Fluharty
Michael Sheridan
Steve Mollmann
Amy Ferrell
Gary Mongar

Music by John Williams
Release Date(s) Unknown
Running Time 28 minutes
Timeline Unknown (Pre-Episode IV)
Era Rise of the Empire
Series Anthology
Preceded by Responsibility
Followed by To Overcome

Star Wars: No Way Out is a special bridge between Sean Koury's Lawg Skrak fan fiction stories and the world of Anthology that converges with other fan projects by the Anthology series creator--a merging of the minds, so to speak. This episode also introduces the series' highly talented second mixer, Steve Fluharty.

In this episode, Lawg Skrak hunts dangerous prey on Holdenus and faces deadly obstacles in the form of, among other things, a certain Jedi Master last found by Anthology listeners on Angeelsk. Can even Jedi Master Prevoda Vatil face up to the infamous Lawg Skrak? And what of his prey?

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