Star Wars: Omega Squad: Tagets
Directed by Dany Pepin
Written by Karen Traviss (Short-Story)
Distributed by

Creative Audioscape Productions

Star Wars created by George Lucas

Shawn Crosby
Joe Harrison
Andrew Gilbertson
Steve Fluharty
Nathan P. Butler
Ara Pelodi
Scott Wentworth

Music by

John Williams
Jesse Harlin
Mark Grisky

Release Date April 15, 2007
Running Time 29 Minutes
Timeline 22 BBY
Era Rise of the Empire
Preceded by None
Followed by None
*We should note that no one involved in this website or Pepin's project claims any rights over the original story that is adapted in this audio drama. In other words, Pepin and his team have made this in homage of Ms. Traviss' incredible work, but the project exists at Lucasfilm's suffrance, and the creators do not wish to annoy any parties involved. Just let us know if it should be removed, Dark Horse. Until then, we thank you for your indulgence, and hope that fans enjoy this audio interpretation of the tale.

An icon among audio dramas, Star Wars: Omega Squad: Targets is an adaptation of Karen Traviss' short story of the same name. It was produced by Dany Pepin of Creative Audioscape Productions as a full-cast audio drama, and reviewed by the Star Wars Fanworks community as a breakthrough in audio entertainment, which was a complete surprise as this was the first audio drama production of Pepin. Fans of the production hope that it will not be his last.

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The exploits of the Republic Commando units during the Clone Wars have served to form the basis for numerous stories, including the Republic Commando video game (featuring Delta Squad) and the novels Hard Contact (featuring Omega Squad) and Triple Zero (featuring both Omega and Delta Squads). Another story found its way into Star Wars Insider. That story was Karen Traviss' Omega Squad: Targets.

Among the many fans of Targets is Dany Pepin, whose support for Traviss' work and several interviews with Traviss on his radio show, Star Wars en Direct, earned himself a namesake character in Traviss' short story Two-Edge Sword. Now, Pepin is returning the favor with a new way to experience Omega Squad: Targets.

The result is this, the very first audio drama from Dany Pepin's Creative Audioscape Productions.

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