Other Voices
Broadcast Run: June 2005 - September 2005
Producer: Nathan P. Butler
Hosts: Ian Bowie

Michael Galasso

No. of Episodes: 2
Guest Contributors: Bradley Byrne

Suzanne Byrne

Brooks Child

Michael Galasso

Jamie Goodwin

Steve Mollmann

Bryan Patrick Stoyle

Other Voices is a short-lived fan internet radio show that offered fan audio members a chance to "let their voice be heard" on a fan internet radio show without having to produce their own programming. The show was developed by Nathan P. Butler of Rayzur's Edge Audio and aired two episodes during 2005.


Other Voices was planned to have a quarterly release schedule. Each episode featured a special guest host. There would be three to four segments featured in each episode, contributed by various members of the fan audio community. The host would provide transitions between segments, giving the episodes an approximate runtime near one hour.

Segments would be pitched by various members of the fan audio community, which would be accepted by Nathan P. Butler. Butler would assign the segments to an episode and set deadlines for the contributing member to send in their respective segments. Butler did similar duties to the hosts of the shows. The show would then be mixed and released by Butler after all segments were received.

The general concept was based on the style of news magazine programs like Dateline NBC, which utilized one host and numerous segments, generated by various reporters/contributors. In the Star Wars fan audio community, this format was also on display in Falk T. Puschmann's Star Wars: The Cantina.

List of EpisodesEdit

Episode I - Hosted by Ian Bowie

  • Steve Mollmann - "The Clone Wars Era Novels"
  • Bryan Patrick Stoyle - "Defending the Menace: The Positive Aspects of The Phantom Menace"
  • Michael Galasso - "The Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game"
  • Jamie Goodwin - "Being a Gay Star Wars Fan"

Episode II - Hosted by Michael Galasso

  • Brooks Child - "The Star Wars Comic Trade Paperbacks"
  • Suzanne and Bradley Byrne - "The Star Wars Generation Gap"
  • Nathan P. Butler - "The End of Other Voices"


After the moderately successful first episode, problems arose with members of the fan audio community being able to send in segments to meet the appropriate deadlines. Butler canceled the show after the release of its second episode, releasing the remaining segments he had received, and recording one himself to explain his reasons for the show's cancellation.

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