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Prevoda Vatil
Species Human (Homeworld Unknown)
Affiliation(s) Republic

Jedi Order

Rank / Title Jedi Master
Performance Adam Bertocci
Creator(s) Nathan P. Butler and Pete Dixon

Prevoda Vatil is the primary antagonist in the Rayzur's Edge Audio fan audio drama Doubts Cast, the first episode in the Star Wars: Anthology series. He is also a secondary character in the series' sixth episode, No Way Out (produced by Ear Candy).


Jedi Master Prevoda Vatil was promoted to full Jedi Master shortly before the Battle of Naboo. Over the next ten years, he spent a great deal of time partnered with fellow Jedi Master Jor Ti'lana. Jor, formerly one of the most respected Jedi military liaisons, had chosen to decline an invitation to join the Jedi Council’s ranks, but remained an active advisor to the Council, making his wisdom and intellect a thing of great admiration for the younger Vatil.

That partnership continued into the era of the Clone Wars, during which Jor was killed in action. Vatil found himself on the run from Separatist forces, finally going to ground on the planet Angeelsk in the Ferri'sol system. It was while trying to do what he could to help the citizens of Angeelsk before returning to the war that Vatil saved young Malchik Raine from a group of street thugs led by a man named Zloy. Malchik was thankful, but angry with the Jedi for allowing him to be seen as a Jedi-sympathizer in such difficult times for the Jedi Order.

Rather than assist Malchik in battling the gang, Vatil imparted upon Malchik the lesson that peacekeeping does not require active force, but can be attained by simply not engaging in conflict when it can be avoided.

Vatil later returned to the Clone Wars, where he was killed in battle with the Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress, who had tracked him after a mission to Holdenus. (Rumors persist that Ventress was alerted to Vatil’s trail by notorious bounty hunter Lawg Skrak.) Vatil’s lesson, however, lived on in the military philosophy of Malchik Raine, who would later become a General in the New Republic Army and frequent speaker to other military branches.


  • Rayzur's Edge Audio Guidebook


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Prevoda Vatil was created by Nathan P. Butler, utilizing a concept created in discussions with Pete Dixon.
  • Zirik is played by Adam Bertocci, who also played small roles in Rise of Nobility and Coruscant?. Bertocci was also the original "Flash Tip Contributor" for Requiem of the Outcast in its early days.
  • Vatil's name is based on the Russian word "prepodavatil," which refers to teaching.
  • The artwork depicting Vatil was drawn by Tom Hodges before Hodges became an official Star Wars artist. Hodges provided some original artwork for the Rayzur's Edge Audio Guidebook, while also allowing the use of some of his other artwork to supplement the guidebook.

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