Region Wild Space
System/Sector Rémos System
Suns Bolus
Rotation Period

720 standard hours
(360hrs Daylight/360hrs Night)

Orbital Period 520 days
Primary Terrain Ice lands

Frozen oceans


Surface Water 90% (Ice/Snow)
Points of Interest Ice caves
Native Species Ku'daat
Official Languages Kuese (Written Only)
Population Less than 1 Million
Major Cities None
Affiliation Neutral

Rémos is a forsaken planet in Wild Space. Much like the ice planet Hoth, Rémos is covered in snow and ice. It has three major oceans, but all three are frozen over. Seldom have any travelers been able to set foot on the moon, let alone land, without freezing to death. Records show that a number of smaller starships froze up and fell to the ground upon breaking through the planet's atmosphere. Larger ships, however, have been able to penetrate and land on the ship, though this seldom ever happens.

Overview Edit


Rémos stirred up quite a bit of attention some millennia before the Galactic Civil War when it was announced that a starpilot found a cave of great treasures. For almost a decade, people tried to land on the planet and search for the treasure caves. Most, however, failed and froze to death searching.

The Four PartnersEdit

Around 1,457 BBY, four starpilots traveled to the moon and landed. Together they set out in search of the treasure caves. These four partners included: Terril T'kira, a smuggler; Faygin, T'kira's co-pilot; C4-91 (Seefour), an independent HK droid; and Thrax, a bounty hunter. Upon their searches they became the first discoverers of the native Ku'daat species. They found the sentient creatures in deep ice caves. And it was here that they also found a tremendous load of treasure; gold, silver, precious stones, and adegan crystals. It was at this moment that greed overtook the four partners and they suddenly turned against each other. Seefour and Faygin were the first to make a move, firing blasts at Terril, who returned fire, blasting the droid's head off its shoulders. Thrax engaged Faygin in mortal combat, and while they were distracted, Terril grabbed a sack-full of treasure, raced back to his starship, and left the planet, leaving behind Faygin and Thrax to whatever end would consume them.

Faygin: "And what is the great Terril T’kira up to this time?"
Terril T'kira: "We were sent out to collect a few womprats for experimental testing. We thought we’d start by bringing you in."
Faygin: "(laughs) Very funny. Very funny, indeed. Almost as funny as that incident... back on Rémos...!"
Faygin and Terril T'kira are reunited, High Stakes #2

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