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Established May 16, 2002
Administrator Nathan P. Butler
Crew Various
Divisions Podcasting

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Released Productions Second Strike

Doubts Cast


The Mob



Always in Motion: Ambush on An'Kerra


To Overcome (with Ear Candy)

No Way Out (with Ear Candy)

Nothing Changes (with Ear Candy)


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Fan Audio Made Easy

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Rayzur's Edge Audio is the production banner under which Nathan P. Butler produces audio projects, including online radio shows (podcasts), audio dramas, and audiobooks (podiobooks).

Origin & History Edit

The first independent audio production to be released by Nathan P. Butler was the first episode of ChronoRadio on May 16, 2002. At that moment, Rayzur's Edge Audio was born. The term became best known, however, with the release of the first act of Second Strike on December 25, 2002, wherein Opening Narrator Abe Peterka announced the name in an opening credit for the first time.

Types of ProjectsEdit

Rayzur's Edge Audio projects have taken several forms:

Background Edit

The name "Rayzur's Edge Audio" is derived from Butler's desire to experiment in fan audio (being on the "cutting edge") and the name of the heroic team in REA's first audio drama ("Valkan's Rayzurs" of Second Strike). Within Second Strike, the Rayzurs (a play on "razors," of course) are named for a noctural predator from the fictional world of Chornia VI.

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Rayzur's Edge Audio MySpace Page

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