Star Wars: Responsibility
Directed by Nathan P. Butler
Written by Nathan P. Butler
Distributed by Rayzur's Edge Audio
Star Wars created by George Lucas

Matthew Gordon
Amy Ferrell
Brian Bisetti
Nathan P. Butler

Music by John Williams
Release Date(s) Unknown
Running Time 19 minutes
Timeline Unknown (Pre-Episode IV)
Era Rise of the Empire
Series Anthology
Preceded by Addiction
Followed by No Way Out

In all of Nathan's fan production work, he has never had a chance to create a story about smugglers or pilots. Star Wars: Responsibility is his answer to the former, cast amid a backdrop that should be very familiar to those living in the post-9/11 world.

The involvement of Matthew Gordon in Anthology also allowed this story to focus on the early days of Matthew's Second Strike character, Kal S'Darcis, making one of two prequels (including Nothing Changes) to that original fan audio drama.

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