Star Wars: Rise of Nobility
Directed by Pamela Kinney
Produced by Keith Abbott
Written by Linda Lyons & Keith Abbott
Distributed by Shaven Wookiee Productions
Star Wars created by George Lucas

Elizabeth Ascot
Evan Slaasted
Cody Hencz
Susan Highsmith
Lila Atherly
Christopher Walker
Armage Bedar
Inari Icewalker
Keith Abbott
Bill Corning
Shawn Johnston
Pamela Kinney
Evan Grummell
Abe Dieckman
Michael Smith
Eric Grove
John Reeves
Ted Alderman
Corey Dell
Linda Lyons
Andy Matthews
Chris Matthews
Jeremy Caldwell
Adam Bertocci
Brian Bisetti

Music by

John Williams
Joel McNeely

Release Date August 26, 2003
Running Time 44 Minutes

32 BBY

Era Rise of the Empire
Preceded by None
Followed by None

Star Wars: Rise of Nobility was among the first internet Star Wars fan audio dramas in production, and like Second Strike, Smuggler's Run, Resurrection et al, it has remained a "great grandfather" production to today's Star Wars Fanworks community. Rise of Nobility was the first fully cast Star Wars audio production of Shaven Wookiee Productions.

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Rise of Nobility is a story about Padme Amidala growing up. Padme wasn't always the stolid, non-emotional and self-assured queen that she was in The Phantom Menace. What Rise of Nobility tries to explain is why and how she becomes that way. Feelings of dissapointment, anger and regret cause her grow up much earlier than most. These events forge her into the queen that she will become. --from Star Wars Fanworks

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