Robbie Chastain
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Birthdate October 13, 1972
Location Arkansas
Production Occupation Producer / Actor
Since 2004
Production Company Star Wars and Beyond

Robbie Chastain is best known as the creator and producer of the fan-made radio show/podcast, Star Wars and Beyond which ran from 2004-2007 and restarting in summer 2008. Although this is his only primary foray into self-produced fan audio (which was acclaimed for its two broadcasts of the Fan Audio Awards as well as its comprehensive review of Episode III) he's decided to restart this "primary foray" because it is, as Robbie describes it himself: "Probably the best thing I could do for the genre and not embarrass myself with a bad audio drama." For the majority of 2007, Robbie has been more content to sit on the sidelines and watch the community grow as a sort of almost observer/elder statesman type activity, but he does participate still currently with part time voice acting in various projects such as Joe Harrison's audio drama High Stakes. While he does wish for that activity to continue, he will also have SWAB going as a vehicle to again, promote the fan audio genre and beyond.

Introductions to Fan Audio Edit

Robbie got involved in fan audio one day in late summer/early fall 2002 trying to look up information on if there were to be radio adaptations of the SW prequel trilogy when he happened on Nathan P. Butler's ChronoRadio program. From there, it was all onward, as Robbie quickly became a fan of Nathan's show, becoming the listener to write into ChronoRadio more times than any other listener in that show's history, according to Nathan P. Butler himself.

Star Wars and Beyond Edit

Upon hearing the 2004 Fan Audio Award show on an episode of Requiem of the Outcast, Robbie became a huge fan of that show and shortly thereafter decided to start his own show, which would eventually grow into Star Wars and Beyond.

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