Rod Barnes
Birthdate October 7, 1964
Location New York
Production Occupation Producer / Actor (Professional)
Since 1987
Production Company Night Force International

Rod Barnes is a professional actor and film producer and head of the movie company Night Force International. Thanks to mutual relations with actor Mike Lane, Rod Barnes was introduced to Joe Harrison, who cast Barnes as Darth Vader in Conquest of the Empire. To this date that has remained Barnes' only appearance in the Star Wars Fanworks community.

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  • Barnes said that performing the voice of Darth Vader had been a lifelong fantasy of his, and he was very thankful to have it fulfilled.
  • Because Barnes did not have the means to e-mail audio files at the time, he had to record his lines onto a CD and ship them to Joe Harrison via UPS.
  • Harrison had attempted to, at first, get famous Vader-impersonator Ben Fletcher for the part. But when that fell through Harrison began to have doubts about whether he would be able to have Darth Vader in the audio series because it was a rare thing to find someone with a deep enough voice. Enter Mike Lane, who, through movie relations, knew Rod Barnes. Harrison was so desperate to have a Vader-impersonator that he skipped having Barnes audition and went right to sending Barnes the script. When Harrison heard Barnes' voice for the first time, he was not disappointed.

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