Star Wars: Runaway
Directed by Steve Fluharty
Story by

Matt Loewen
Steve Fluharty

Distributed by

THnX George Audio Productions

Star Wars created by George Lucas

Aleese Fluharty
Steve Fluharty
Nathan P. Butler
Eric Olp
Joe Harrison

Music by John Williams
Additional Music by Steve Fluharty
Release Date August 16, 2006
Running Time 20 Minutes
Timeline 22-19 BBY
Era Rise of the Empire
Preceded by None
Followed by None

Star Wars: Runaway is the brainchild of Star Wars FM's Matt Loewen and was originally written as part of the award-winning Star Wars: Anthology series. Originally Loewen was to have full control over the project, but real life incidences prevented him from doing so. The project was temporarily abandoned until THnX George Audio Productions' Steve Fluharty decided to take control. Upon taking on the project, Fluharty re-wrote several parts of the story, and also decided to make it an individual production, rather than under the Anthology series.

Despite a bit of controversy over the production changes, Fluharty received two awards for the project, including Best Mixer and Best Use of Music in an Audio Drama.

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In his fan audio drama premiere, Star Wars FM's Matt Loewen teams up with THnX George Audio Productions' (formerly Ear Candy's) Steve Fluharty to bring you Runaway, the story of a couple on the run to the planet Eshar with the help of a rogue smuggler. But what are they running from? Can they succeed . . . or will the darkness catch up with them?

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