TK-723 was the designation for stormtrooper Shap Detur, one of Arilus Dehrahn’s personal elite guard. Shap’s academy specialty was topographical imaging, reading and creating maps for ground assault scenarios. Upon graduation, Shap was assigned to Dehrahn’s garrison on Ferri’sol and quickly earned the nickname “Lieutenant Obvious” for often repeating the punchlines to jokes, arguing obvious points in discussions, and frequently making exclamations of the obvious in battle rather than taking immediate action.

Were it not for the quick thinking of his fellow trooper, Sankt “TE-985” Pilyps, Dehrahn might have been killed by Dr. Lom Darus’ holdout blaster during the capture of Darus and Kristara Eri’lur. Rather than making a move to remove the weapon from Darus’ hands, Shap simply cried, “A holdout blaster! Sir!”, which did very little good other than to call attention, of course, to the blatantly obvious.

He was later killed by Valkan’s Rayzurs in an alleyway skirmish.