Star Wars: Smuggler's Run
Directed by Michael Mays
Distributed by Omega Pictures Ltd.
Star Wars created by George Lucas

Michael Mays
Joe Machado

Music by John Williams
Release Date March 24, 2004
Running Time 15 Minutes
Timeline 0 BBY
Era Rebellion
Preceded by None
Followed by None

One of the first Star Wars internet fan audio dramas in production in the first days of the fan audio community, Star Wars: Smuggler's Run tells an alternate story of how the Rebellion against the Empire acquired the plans to the Death Star.

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Two days before Star Wars: Episode IV, two smugglers rendezvous with an Imperial commander who recently defected from the Empire. The officer has stolen the top secret plans to the Empire’s new Death Star and wants the smugglers to deliver them to the Rebel Alliance. But before they can leave, a bounty hunter arrives, and it becomes a fight to survive, for the winner will hold the fate of the galaxy in his hand.

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