Ssevik Nogg was a Trandoshan warrior and bodyguard to Warlord Roth'h'aar, the ruler of the planet Qalabar, from 30 BBY to 0 BBY. During the Rebel Alliance representative Colonel Ledok's visit to Qalabar, Ssevik was against the idea of joining with the Rebellion and was greatly disappointed in his master when Roth'h'aar accepted the allegiance.

While Ssevik was displeased with his master he was still loyal to him, and when he believed Ledok was responsible for Roth'h'aar's death, the angry bodyguard attempted to killed the colonel. Ledok bested him, however, in an old-fashioned brawl. The colonel escaped and Ssevik was arrested by the Empire for attacking Imperial Stormtroopers. The trandoshan was transported to the prison on Prempta IV where he found Ledok was being detained as well...

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