Star Wars: The Mob
Directed by Nathan P. Butler
Written by

Nathan P. Butler

Distributed by Rayzur's Edge Audio
Star Wars created by George Lucas

Nathan P. Butler
Christopher Walker
Edward Gore
Michael Haspil

Music by John Williams
Release Date(s) September 1, 2003
Running Time 15 minutes
Timeline 19-1 BBY
Era Rise of the Empire
Series Anthology
Preceded by Dreamscape
Followed by Addiction

Star Wars: The Mob explores the concept of the "mob mentality" and the accountability (or lack thereof) in such situations. This is in direct response to the concept of "socially-triggered" riots in American culture, such as the Watts Riots in 1968 or the riots in the wake of the Rodney King verdict.

This was the third episode of Anthology.

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