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The Sarlacc Pit
Hosts: Brandon Phillips

Brandon Cochran
Christopher Schoen
Erin Hickox
Jared Martin

Episodes: 24 (List of Episodes)
Guests: Toby Philpott

Kevin Nickolson

The Sarlacc Pit: A Rebel Trading Update is a weekly discussion podcast about It is hosted and produced by Brandon Phillips. Each week he and his panel discuss featured items, good sales, Star Wars news, and other community-related information. Other members of the panel include Brandon Cochran, Christopher Schoen, Erin Hickox, and Jared Martin.

Description Edit

Brandon Phillips is the host of The Sarlacc Pit, and is lead marketer and project manager for is an online auction and trading community for Star Wars enthusiasts, which launched in December of 2007. The podcast is produced as a free entertainment medium for the site's members, and has been in publication since December 7th, 2007. The panel is comprised of friends of Phillips, including two childhood friends, Cochran and Schoen, and a former business partner, Martin. Hickox, the only female regular on the show, joined the panel in the 4th episode.

Guests and InterviewsEdit

Toby Philpott, puppeteer in Return of the Jedi, was interviewed by Phillips in Episode 6.5, published January 25, 2008.

Andrew Lupi from EUCast makes appearances to give Expanded Universe updates.

Kevin Nickolson from Ink Inferno filled in as a panelist on Episode 20.

Recurring Features Edit

The Sarlacc Pit has five often-recurring segments:

  • Boba Fett's Movie Reviews: Boba Fett gives his opinion on recent box office hits.
  • Burning Question: The panelists debate over controversial Star Wars-related topics or simply fun questions.
  • Trivial Pursuit: The panelists battle over Original Trilogy trivia.
  • Giveaways: The panel hosts contests for listeners to win prizes.
  • EU Minute: Andrew gives updates on the Expanded Universe news of the week.

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